People have always woken up in strange places after nights out. Twenty years ago, that strange place might have been “Scarborough”, or “fully inside a bin”. Now, thanks to cheap air fares and the ease with which we can book flights through our phones, those strange places are increasingly becoming “Reykjavik”, or “a foreign country I didn’t actually know I was in until Snapchat geo-filtered my selfie”.

It seems that every couple of months there’s a report of a young man who’s gone out for a quiet drink, ended up shitfaced and then boarded a plane to another country. They’ll wake up the following morning and post what they’ve done to Twitter or Facebook. A tabloid will pick it up, the LADBible will give him their seal of approval (“Lad gets munted and wakes up in SALZBURG”) and the story will disappear, making way for another extremely similar one a month or so later.

Is this an identifiable trend? Should it be given a proper name, like “planeover” or “Divine Punishment”? Hard to say. But to illustrate just how common it is, I got in touch with four of the many guys who’ve experienced it (to varying degrees: some woke up in other countries; some in micro-states and on other islands) to find out how they ended up where they ended up.

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