Stoney Roads

It’s one of the most popular phrases used at any music gig, concert or festival. As it turns out, most music lovers and punters have a routine or habit of going front left of the stage when listening to their favourite artist and favourite tunes. This strange phenomenon is well known around the world, and has people confused as to how it can be explained.

We attempted to research why music lovers tend to steer to the left at events, but in the context of music, no studies or scientific data exists. Maybe it can be explained by Melton’s ‘The Economy of Movement’ (1935) theory that explains how the majority of gallery visitors head to the left first, or maybe as explained to us by ex-Senior Detective Craig who informed us that the behaviour could be a part of the ‘natural instinct to turn left’ phenomenon that concludes that in almost all cases, criminals and suspects on the run tend to go left.

While the stage is not necessarily a museum, nor are those in the crowd usually running from the law, the ‘front left phenomenon’ is definitely a thing. It has not yet been explained using science, so we decided to ask a few music lovers about what motivates them to go to the front right or left, and why they think that the ‘front left phenomenon’ exists.

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