Stoney Roads

At this festive time of year, we celebrate some of the most important things in our lives. Our family, friends and for many, faith.

The presence of faith in the church creates the same experience that many have on the dance floor. The religio-spiritual element of electronic dance music culture that has been studied immensely in the past and present proves that dance music is as religious as Christianity is to a Christian or Hinduism is to a Hindu.

To ‘club’ or to ‘rave’ as explained by theorist and researcher Graham St John exemplifies the cultural phenomenon of religion. Some define the dance floor as a healing experience or as a syncretic ritual, where one can reconnect with their spirit or bask in the glory of life. The event is comparable to the church, the DJ is the shaman or priest and a community is built from the dance floor.

This is exactly what we got to experience on Friday at Sunshine the DJ’s event which was a celebration of a huge project she’s been working on for quite some time- Midnight Mass featuring Amanda Perry and the Disco Faith Choir.

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