The Cusp

University can be an unforgettable period in your life. Maybe you joined the Spanish Club at O’Week to get free shots of tequila, woke up after a uni club night not knowing where you were or binge watched all TV series available on Netflix to avoid attending your lecture. You most likely pulled an all-nighter on multiple occasions to finish your assignments at the last minute and cried as you stressed about passing your examinations. But then you passed! You got your grades back, a piece of paper with your degree and you threw a big square hat in the air then posted a photo on your Insta or Facebook to show everyone that you are now an adult and are good at stuff.

But then you look for a job. Some lucky grads find a career that aligns with their studies, while some of us find ourselves taking any job to pay the bills and end up following a career path completely unrelated to our degree. Did you really need to get a Bachelor of Arts to learn that ‘globalisation is the process of the world becoming more interconnected’? Tens of thousands of dollars later, you’ve got a HECS debt that doesn’t truly feel real because you never actually had to physically hand that money over. No need to stress though – here are some of the invaluable things you got out of your degree that you might not have gotten otherwise.

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