Australia has a whole 24/7 economy based around the fact that nitrous oxide chargers are legal, so long as you’re using them for “culinary purposes.”

We all know that nangs, balloons, whippets, or whatever you call them are often used for purposes other than decorating cakes. And while Australia has a habit of banning things that people like—see Sydney’s lockouts—buying nangs has somehow flown under the radar. It’s still legal to buy them, although misusing them as a narcotic has been illegal since 2013. But that begs the question, how can you prove someone intends to get high instead of baking a cake?

It’s in this legal twilight zone that a bunch of 24/7 nang delivery services have popped up, offering to drop a batch at your door any time you like. These delivery services are easy to find too. Websites and apps let you order whatever amount of nangs you’d like—one box retails for around $20. A hundred of the things will set you back around $150. No proof of age, no proof of cheffing qualifications necessary.

It seems crazy that these businesses manage to operate legally. So I decided to ask a nang delivery guy how it works, and if they’d be willing to let me ride along in their car.

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